FCC Public File

Section 1 [download pdf]

FCC Authorization and Contour Maps
This section includes:
License Renewal Authorization
Station License
Contour Maps/Transmitter Location

Section 2 [download pdf]

FCC Applications
This section includes:
All Pending FCC Applications

Section 3 [download pdf]

Ownership Information
This section includes:
FCC Form 323-E Ownership Report.  
WNPT also maintains Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

Section 4 [download pdf]

Political Broadcasting, BCRA and Controversial Issues
This section includes:
A note concerning political material.

Section 5 [download pdf]

The Public and Broadcasting
This section includes:
The FCC website link to The Public & Broadcasting.

Section 6 

Quarterly Programming Reports for 2014 [download pdf]
This section includes:
Quarterly programming reports for the 2014 license term.

Quarterly Programming Reports for 2013 [download pdf]
This section includes:
Quarterly programming reports for the 2013 license term.

Section 7 [download pdf]

Donor Lists
This section includes:
Quarterly list of donors supporting specific programs for the past two years.

Section 8 [download pdf]

Cable and Satellite Carriage Requests
This section includes:
Mandatory carriage requests and related correspondence.

Section 9 [download pdf]

EEO Materials
This section includes:
Current Annual EEO Public File Report
FCC Form 397
FCC Form 396 

Section 10 [download pdf]

FCC Investigation or Complaint
This section includes:
Material which is the subject of an FCC
investigation or complaint.