This page contains certain Public Inspection Files that are a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. They are placed here so members of the public may have free access to these reports. These reports are also available for inspection at the offices of Nashville Public Television at 161 Rains Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 Monday-Friday during regular work hours. Please contact Frances Pratt at or (615) 259-9325 for assistance with Nashville Public Television’s public file, to schedule a visit to review the public file, and for information on reproducing and copying materials of the public file.

FCC Public File


Section 1 [download pdf]

FCC Authorization and Contour Maps
This section includes:
License Renewal Authorization
Station License
Contour Maps/Transmitter Location


Section 2 [download pdf]

FCC Applications
This section includes:
All Pending FCC Applications


Section 3 [download pdf]

Ownership Information
This section includes:
FCC Form 323-E Ownership Report.  
WNPT also maintains Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.


Section 4 [download pdf]

Political Broadcasting, BCRA and Controversial Issues
This section includes:
A note concerning political material.


Section 5 [download pdf]

The Public and Broadcasting
This section includes:
The FCC website link to The Public & Broadcasting.


Section 6 

Quarterly Programming Reports for 2015 [download pdf]
This section includes:
Quarterly programming reports for the 2015 license term.

Quarterly Programming Reports for 2014 [download pdf]
This section includes:
Quarterly programming reports for the 2014 license term.

Quarterly Programming Reports for 2013 [download pdf]
This section includes:
Quarterly programming reports for the 2013 license term.


Section 7 [download pdf]

Donor Lists
This section includes:
Quarterly list of donors supporting specific programs for the past two years.


Section 8 [download pdf]

Cable and Satellite Carriage Requests
This section includes:
Mandatory carriage requests and related correspondence.


Section 9

EEO Materials
This section includes:
Current Annual EEO Public File Report [download pdf]
FCC Form 396 & 397 [download pdf]


Section 10 [download pdf]

FCC Investigation or Complaint
This section includes:
Material which is the subject of an FCC
investigation or complaint.