NPT Senior Staff
Kevin Crane, President and CEO
Daniel Tidwell, Senior Vice President of Development and Marketing
Kathy McElroy, Senior Vice President and CFO
Jo Ann Scalf, Sr. Director of Education and Community Engagement
Jim DeMarco, Sr. Director of Production
Dale Baker, Sr. Director of Engineering
Justin Harvey, Director of Content

Board of Directors (as of November 11, 2016)

Michael A. Koban, Jr., Chairman
Cristina Welhoelter, Secretary
Eleanor McDonald, Treasurer

Kevin Crane, President and CEO

Scott E. Becker
Jennifer R. Frist
Jeff W. Gregg
William W. Hastings
Thomas J. Higgins
Carlene M. Lebous
Charlie McCarter
Jana Lisle Parham
John S. Sergent, MD
Michael D. Shmerling
Yanika C. Smith-Bartley
Jessica J. Thomas
Karen H. Thompson
Denine Torr
Peggy Warner
Peter Westerholm

Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Ben R. Rechter


Open Meetings Announcement
Nashville Public Television conducts scheduled meetings to be held at NPT that are open to the public. 
NPT is located at 161 Rains Avenue, near the Fair Grounds and the intersection of Rains and Wedgewood Avenues. 
Click here for more information and a full schedule list. 







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