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American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen is a public media initiative created to help local communities across America find solutions to address the dropout crisis. Nashville Public Television is proud to be the middle Tennessee partner for American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen, helping students stay on the path to graduation and future success. NPT is producing programming and facilitating discussions to create awareness, and inspire action across the community.

NPT Reports

‘NPT Reports: Choice or Chance?’ Premieres Thursday, Oct. 29

The ability of parents to send their children to schools of their choice is at the heart of modern-day school reform...

American Graduate Day 2015 is Oct. 3

American Graduate Day 2015 returns this fall for its fourth consecutive year. Soledad O’Brien will host the all-day...

Teens Share Their Stories in ‘Student Voices’ Videos

Nashville Public Television’s “Student Voices” videos are brief, but powerful because they feature high schoolers...

Meet American Graduate Champions who are making a difference

An American Graduate Champion commits his or her time, skills and resources to make sure young people succeed. Meet...

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