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Companionship & Intimacy | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

Companionship & Intimacy Documentary

We know loneliness can negatively impact our health, but what do we do about it? This NPT original documentary explores the benefits and challenges of developing relationships as we age.

Sexuality & Sexual Health Panel Discussion

In this NPT Reports: Aging Matters panel discussion various experts explore topics around sexual health and sexuality as we age. This panel is the companion discussion to Companionship & Intimacy.

Joe & Connie Murray

“A new guy came to the meeting and Dan introduced the new member and everybody went and gave him a hug. He said, ‘Y'all hug? Men don't hug. Okay?’ That is intimacy. I thought it was refreshing. It's something about love, compassion, I want to support you, help you if I can. It's something that men don't normally do.”

Vera Balter

"One of the benefits of aging is that you have more time to listen and to be open with people and hear what they're really saying."

Frances & George Hahn

“A friend of mine called me and said there was this recent widower who was very lonely and would I be interested in meeting him? Well, by that time I took pity on him. I felt, ‘All right, I'll cook him a meal.’”