Tennessee's history began with exploration, and that same adventurous spirit lives on today. World class explorers across our state are doing amazing research in many different types of science -- creating new technologies and mentoring the next generation of explorers. Look inside the brilliant minds leading us into the future on "Tennessee Explorers."

Tennessee Explorers | Episode 1

Showcases the work of Bioarchaeologist Tiffiny Tung, Astrophysicist Keivan Stassun, and Physician Rhea Seddon, one of NASA's first female astronauts.

Tennessee Explorers | Episode 2

Human cyborgs, cosmic radiation, the big bang... sound like the next hollywood blockbuster? They're actually part of amazing discoveries happening right here in Tennessee! In the second installment of Tennessee Explorers we'll meet Victoria Greene, a physicist who studies violent sub-atomic collisions to answer enormous questions about the universe; William Robinson, an electrical engineer who defends computers from inner and outer space invaders; and Michael Goldfarb, a mechanical engineer who turned a talent for tinkering into increased mobility for the disabled.

The National Science Foundation-funded Tennessee Explorers was a partnership between Vanderbilt University and Nashville Public Television.