Community Advisory Board


Daniel B. Cornfield, Ph.D.
Margo Fort
Immediate Past Chair
Peter Woolfolk
Nominating Committee Chair
Alba Gonzalez-Nylander
Les Kerr
Robbie B. Moore
Linda Wynn

Advisory Board Members

Tom Adkinson
Alexza Barajas Clark, Ph.D.
Lauren Comet
Dennis Dickerson
Susan Annette Dorris
Stephen J. Ferrari
Kalpana K. Gowda, Ph.D.
Derek Griffith, Ph.D.
Robyn Householder
Irwin Kuhn
Jay McDowell
Barry Richards
Rhoda A. Scherer
John Shouse
Beth Urbanczyk*
Irwin Venick*
Amy Walter*
Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh, Ph.D.

*Nominating Committee member

Open Meetings Announcement

Nashville Public Television conducts scheduled meetings to be held at NPT that are open to the public.

NPT is located at 161 Rains Avenue, near The Fairgrounds Nashville and the intersection of Rains and Wedgewood Avenues.

Click here for more information and a full schedule list.