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The People

Discover the stories of the people who helped shape Country Music in Nashville.

Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings discusses country music history and his book Waylon on this episode of NPT’s original series A Word on Words with John Seigenthaler.

Mark Wills

Mark Wills tells us about being gifted Buck Owens' guitar


QUEEVA on her favorite lyrics

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel and his first "gig" in Nashville

Kelsey Lamb

Who does Kelsey Lamb hope to collaborate with?


From southern Appalachia’s songs of heartbreak and faith to the western swing of Texas, from California honky tonks to the Grand Ole Opry in NPT's home town of Nashville, Ken Burns' Country Music follows the evolution, over the course of the twentieth century, of America’s music.

Ken Burns' Country Music | 8-Set-DVD
American Archive of Public Broadcasting

NPT has digitized 901 vintage episodes of A Word on Words hosted by John Seigenthaler and made them available to view online on this website.