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Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs – The Series

Nashville Public Television’s Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs series chronicles the city’s rise from a port city on the Cumberland River to an international hotspot by examining the growth, the changing skyline and the people that made our city what it is today. Volume 1 covers the turn-of-the-century through 1950. The story begins with The Tennessee Centennial Celebration of 1897, which ushered in a new era for the city and introduced it to the rest of the country as a cosmopolitan destination. We then move on to the Great Depression, WWI, the economic recovery of the 1920’s, WWII and the economic and baby booms of the late 1940’s. Volume 2 covers 1950 through the end of the century when Nashville moved from a mid-size city to a world force in cultural and business affairs. Volume 3 covers the expansion of the city, the growth of the music industry, the Civil Rights Movement, and Opryland. Volume 4 covers the rebirth of the Ryman, Fan Fair, the opening of the new Country Music Hall of Fame, and the "Music City Miracle."

Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs pulls from the vast photographic resources available in the city to create a compelling story filled with rich images. Photographs come from the vaults of The Tennessean and The Banner Archives of The Public Library’s Nashville Room, The Tennessee State Library and Archives, The Nashville Metropolitan Archives, The Tennessee State Museum and from private photographers. Prominent historians, politicians, journalists and renowned photographers also offer historical and artistic commentary on these images from Nashville’s past.
After watching Nashville: The 20th Century in Photographs you’ll never look at your city the same way again!