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NPT’s Learning to Read series focuses on family literacy, providing parents and children with skills that can help improve literacy levels in children. Through the experiences of diverse families, the series takes viewers on a journey through wide-ranging aspects of literacy and includes ways to access free books in a community, how to build literacy through everyday activities and more.

NPT Learning to Read

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are fun and exciting way to engage young readers.

NPT Learning to Read

Pen Pals

Exchanging letters with a pen pal is a great way to practice reading and writing.

NPT's Learning to Read

Reader's Theatre

Give your child the stage and practice reading dialogue with expression!

NPT's Learning to Read

Reading Nonfiction

Learning the parts of a nonfiction text can help children explore a specific interest.

NPT's Learning to Read

Segmenting Sounds

Learning to sound out words can be a lot of fun, especially when a puppet gets involved.

Learning to Read | NPT3

Home Languages

Bilingual children benefit from hearing stories in their home language.

Learning to Read NPT3

Telling Stories

Storytelling enhances cultural connections and strengthens literacy development.

Learning to Read NPT3

Recipe for Learning

Baking cookies is a tasty way to practice reading, math and following instructions.

Learning to Read NPT3

Asking Questions

Having a good conversation with kids is all about asking the right questions.

Learning to Read NPT3

Family Photos

Family photo albums make great conversation pieces for kids!

Learning to Read NPT3

Grocery List

An ordinary activity, like making a grocery list, is great writing and spelling practice.

Learning to Read NPT3

Books from Birth

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library provides free children's books to age five.

Learning to Read NPT3

Nature Walks

A nature walk is a fun, healthful learning activity for the whole family outside.

Learning to Read NPT3


E-Books are a fun and convenient way to learn on the go.

Virtual Family Literacy Workshops

Learning to Read is made possible by the generous support of

Dollar General Literacy Foundation
The Hays Foundation