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Rachel & Andrew Jackson: A Love Story

He was an American hero, climbing from orphaned obscurity to the Presidency. She was a frontier aristocrat, choosing true love over society's rules.
Though their marriage was slandered for political gain, their love endured, becoming legend for romance novels and even a Hollywood feature film.

Andrew and Rachel's early hardships and upbringing drew them to one another. Once together, they built an unconquerable relationship by fulfilling each other's unmet needs and desires. Letters exchanged between the two support the many stories of their great love and devotion.

Production Credits

Kathy Conkwright
Writer, Producer, Director
Kathy Mattea
Fred Thompson
Voice of Andrew Jackson
Loretta Lynn
Voice of Rachel Jackson
Chris Chandler
Director of Photography
Karen Davis
Mary Makley
Additional Editing
Ashley Hedgecock, Tim Haxton, Justin Harvey
Production Assistants
Michael Killen
Original Music
Colyn Hunt, Melinda Gaines
Rachel Jackson Actors
Jerry Durkin, Mike King, Jim DeMarco
Dolly Grips & Boom Operators
Joe Riley
Executive Producer