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The People

Discover the stories of the people who helped shape Country Music in Nashville.

Hear Someone's Story

Nashville’s singers and songwriters have a lifetime of stories to tell. They share where they got their start to meaningful songs to favorite places to perform. Discover a Country Music story from some of your favorite performers.

The Black Opry | NPT's Country Music


Black Americans have long influenced, inspired and improved country music in the United States. But despite Black people’s historical contribution to its very fiber, country music still presents as a genre largely performed by white singers for a white audience base. The Black Opry seeks to bring racial equity to country music and help expand representation and perspectives within the industry.

Roy Acuff

Roy Acuff Supports Public Television.

Brett Kissel

2019 CMA Fest Interviews

Loretta Lynn Still a Mountain Girl

Loretta Lynn Still a Mountain Girl.

Jean Shepard

Jean Shepard Believes in Public Television.

Ken Burns

Ken Burns on Country Music at NPT.

Waylon Jennings | NPT

Waylon Jennings

Connie Smith

Connie Smith Enjoys Public Television.

Willie Nelson | NPT

Willie Nelson

Minnie Pearl | NPT

Country Music Legend: Minnie Pearl.

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